New construction
Have you always dream of having a house under the sun?

If you are considering to have your own house built we will help you to design it and to make it real.
Buying the plot is the first step in building a house.
The plot you choose will be really important when building your future home. It will define the size of the construction that you can build and it will effect the distribution. It will also determine the orientation of the house, and this will have an impact on its insulation among other things.

Depending on the location of the plot, there will be different regulations which can limit the design, height, use of certain materials, etc.

The advice of an architect is essential to know the technical conditions and the possibilities of the land.
Which factors make the different between prices in construction?
Once you have your plot, you will be interested in the construction process, from the first idea until you move in your new home.

We have tried to summarise frequently asked questions and concerns that you may have if you are thinking of building your new house.

For every specific case, we can guide you through the process, so do not hesitate to contact us to ask about your project or idea.
Here you will read about the steps you will need to follow to make your idea real, you will also get to know about some services related to new construction that you should consider and other aspects that you should think about.
Here you will read about the different professional needed to have the works controlled.
Before you can start building your house, you need to get some building permits. You will read here more about the different licences and when you need to ask for them.
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