The building process
If you have been thinking of building a new house or refurbishing an existing one in Spain, you will interested in the building process: time, cost, people and documents involved.

Every work will have its own steps to follow. We have summarised the most common and important things you should consider.

For every specific case, we can guide you through the process, so do not hesitate to contact us to ask about your project or idea.


How to get your new home in 10 steps:
Here you will read about the process to make your idea real.
This is a summary of the steps you will need to follow.


What other services do I need?
These are some services specially related to new construction.


What else should I consider?
More aspects you should think about building your own home.


How to get your new home in 10 steps:

1. We have a meeting to get to know your thoughts, needs and dreams.

2. We prepare a summary of fees and cost estimate for your project.

3. We study the possibilities to make your ideas real and often offer more than you expected. We develop your idea and make it real.

4. We prepare the project and calculate a bill of quantities . Along this process, we may need to have other companies who do their part. We will help you to find the best companies for it and help you with the language if it is needed, but you are responsible for the contract with them.

5. Once we have the project ready, we need to submit it to the Colegio de Arquitectos. They will check that everything is included in the project .

6. We will ask for several quotes from construction companies. We can help you to select one of them, but it will be always your decision.

7. We will help you to ask for the building Licence from the Town Hall and after you have paid the taxes and we have permission, we can start the works.

8. Once the works start, we control that it is done according to the project plan

9. When the works have finished, we will present a final documentation to the Town Hall. With these documents, an architect from the Town Hall will come and visit the house to check the works and then you will have your Licence of First Occupation. Once you have the Licence, you will need to register the house.

10. You can move in and enjoy your new home!


What other services do I need?

There are some services related to the new construction that you need to take into consideration. You may need some, all or none of them for your project.

Topographic study

The topographic study is carried out by a topographer.
It consists of drawing in a plane to scale the exact geometry of the lot where the house is built, with its level curves to see the movement of lands to be made. This may not be necessary unless the ground is too irregular.

Geotechnical study

The geotechnical report will include: location and surface conditions, subsurface exploration data and interpretation and analysis of data. It gives us the resistant characteristics of the ground and helps to calculate the adequate foundation .

Decennial insurance

This construction guarantee insurance covers a ten-year period, as its name suggests, during which time material damages caused by the building due to defects in the cementation or structure and which could compromise the stability of the building are covered.

If you want to build your house for your own and you have no plan of selling it, you are not obliged to contract it. However, if you decide that you want to sell it within the first 10 years, you will need to have a decennial insurance.

Technical Control Organism

(OCT- Organismo de Control Técnico in Spanish)
It is an external company who is responsible for the review and control of the quality of the works.
- They inform the insurance company responsible for the Decennial insurance. That way, they verify that the risk for what they are covering the house is under the normal limits.
- It is a garanty for the owner of the house and also for the possible new owner if you decide to sell it.

Control of materials

There are laboratories where they control the materials used in the works. Carrying out an adequate quality control of the materials used in the works, in addition to being mandatory by law, is of paramount importance to guarantee the solidity and reliability of the construction.

Acoustic report

In order to obtain the First Occupation Licence, you need to present an acoustic certificate of compliance with the acoustic insulation values established in the Technical Building Code in the DB-HR noise protection.

Register and notary

After the construction, you will need to register the new house.
The expenses to register the new building, which is done at the end of the work, first at the notary to draw the deeds and registering them in the Land Registry later on. Notary fees and the register are stipulated by tariffs set by law. The sum of both stands at 0.5% of the value of the house.

Other special things

If you want to have any special type of installation, such as aerothermal energy, or if you want to build your house in a part of the city under archeological protection, you will need some more services.
For this kind of specific questions, we aim you to contact us and we will help you.


What else should I consider?

They are not part of our work but you will need to pay attention to them.
Interior design
Decoration is a very important task for the final finish and that is why there are professional decorators.

The architect will design the spaces, their sizes, their location and orientation.
Control of the deadlines and incorrect way of procedure in the works
It is important to know that the architect controls that the works are done according to the project but is not responsible for the construction company delays or other problems that may happen during the works.

In the event that you have signed with the builder certain deadlines for your work, the builder himself will be responsible for meeting the deadlines to which he has committed.

In the same way, if there is something that is not properly executed, it will be the responsibility of the construction company.
of public utilities
(light, water and gas)
Registering the electricity, water and gas services is a task that corresponds to the developer or the owner of the property.
Of course, you can ask us for help in this matter.
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