Thinking of a renovation in Costa del Sol?

From a minor renovation of a part of your house to the complete redesign of existing buildings.

Not only do we design but also help you to understand everything you need throughout the construction process, including help with the permits, documents, budgets and control of the works.
For major works you will need an architect to make a project containing all the plans and documents needed.

If you are having a small renovation done, you might be wondering if you need an architect to help you. It is true that, for this kind of works, it is not necessary to submit a technical project to the Town Hall, so you don't need an architect's signature for it.

However, you may consider to have the help of an architect for the following reasons.
Why is it a good idea to hire an architect even for a minor work?

Better design

Even for a small renovation, you can find a big different between a space that has been thought by a person with experience in design or a space that simply make the same existing solution to the room but adding new materials.

That is the reason why it is recommended to have an architect giving you new ideas.

We will study the possibilities to make your ideas real and try to offer more than you expected.

If you are thinking of any kind of renovation in Costa del Sol, you will get a good solution for it with our help.

Help with the documents and management

Sometimes, small works need almost the same documentation as a medium or bigger one.

Asking for permission to the Town Hall or for quotes to the construction companies could be hard and, even more, if you are not familiar with the local language.

An architect can guide you throught the proccess.

Cheaper price

Involving an architect even in a minor work can considerably better the outcome. You can get better results which will increase the price of your property and make living easier.

Perhaps the project you thought of has another dimension you haven’t thought of? An architect will help you to avoid costly mistakes and misunderstandings with builders or local governments while building.

We will control the works and will talk with the Town Hall so everything goes according to plan.

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