Control of the works
If you have been thinking of building a new house or refurbishing an existing one in Spain, you have probably some questions about management and control of the works.

We have summarized some frequently asked questions about the control of works.

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When it is necessary to hire an architect for controlling the works?
In general, for a minor work it is not compulsory to have an architect responsible for the project and control of the works. It just mean that you don't need the signature of an architect but you can (and it is a good idea to) hire an architect even for a minor work.

When we talk about major works, it is always necessary to hire an architect. The architect will design and elaborate all the documentation for the project (including structure, facilities, materials, budget) and will also control that everything is done according to the project. The architect is the Construction Manager (Director de Obra).

It is important to know that the architect controls that the works are done according to the project but is not responsible for construction company delays or other problems that may happen during the works.
Do I need to hire one Technical Architect (Arquitecto Técnico)?
Is it not enough with an architect?
For major works, it is also compulsory to hire a technical architect (arquitecto técnico or aparejador in Spanish). He will be the Technical Construction Manager (Director de Ejecución de la Obra).
What is the different between Director de Obra y Director de Ejecución de Obra?
To have a general idea, the term Director de Obra refers to the person (an architect) who is in charge of a general control of the works: the technical, aesthetic, urban or environmental aspects, in accordance with the building license granted. He will ensure compliance with all the conditions of the project.

The term Director de la Ejecución de la Obra refers to the person (a technical architect) who will carry out an exhaustive direction of the construction, that is, the supervision and control of the correct execution by the builder, of what is projected by the architect.
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